OKEX: How to Register? and Get Verified? Step by Step

OKEX.com is a trading platform, where you can buy and sell Bitcoin and other crypto currency. If you are a PNXBET Player or PNXBET Affiliates, you can also use this OKEX to convert your BITCOIN into MONEY. OKEX is the fastest way to convert your bitcoin into a money and transfer it directly to your banks, GCash or Paymaya. This Tutorial will help you on how to register on OKEX and get verified, in order for you to make transactions.
Disclaimer: Please do read our Terms of Use before proceeding to our website. If you are not agree on the Terms of Use feel free to leave. We are not liable for any damages that it may cause to you, please do it with your own risk and you are the one responsible for your actions.

Step 1: Sign up on OKEX

Sign up for FREE!

– Click the button “Sign up on OKEX” then fill up the necessary details (Email and Password).
– You can use your Telegram or Gmail account to register.
– After you sign-up, you have already created your account. You need to verify it in order for you to make transactions. Follow the steps carefully.

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Step 2: Verify your OKEX Account


– Next, click the user icon besides the Assets and click Verification.

Individual Account

– Then, select continue.

Individual Verification

Fill up the necessary details. (Nationality, First Name, Last Name, I.D Type and I.D Number)
– You only need 1 valid I.D that is applicable on the given choices.
– Then, click Submit.


Once you submit the details, you are now a LEVEL 1 VERIFIED. You can now start trading! (buy and sell bitcoins etc.). But the withdrawal limit is 200 BTC. Congrats!

You can also proceed to LEVEL 2 verification if you want more benefits.

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(OPTIONAL) Level 2 Verification:

Optional: Level 2 Verification

– You should capture your identification document if you want to get verified on level 2. This is an optional method, you can trade even if you are a level 1 verified user.

Once you get verified on Level 2, you now have 500 Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawal limit within 24 hrs. (check the photo below).

Level 2: Photo Verification

After this, you can also verify the level 3, but this is optional. The benefits of being verified on Level 3 is less withdrawal fee amount compare to previous one.

Step 3: Now you’re DONE! You can now start to TRADE!


Congrats! You can now trade using OKEX! Two type of trading: (1) Quick trade and (2)P2P Trade

(1) Quick Trade – where you can buy and sell directly. This time, OKEX is your transaction partner.

P2P Trade

(2) P2P Trade – is the act of buying and selling cryptocurrencies directly between users, without a third party or intermediary. When you buy or sell cryptocurrencies using a traditional exchange, you don’t get to transact directly with the counterparty.

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Note: We hope this step-by-step tutorial will help you on how to create an OKEX account and verified it. *Once you click the sign up button, you will redirect to the OKEX sign up page.