MELbet Online Casino – GCash Deposit & Withdraw

This tutorial will help you on how to deposit on MELbet Online Casino using GCASH (Cash Express PH). If you don’t have a MELbet account yet, please register here. Also, please watch detailed YouTube tagalog tutorial below for your guide.
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YouTube Video Tutorial:

Credit to: PNXBET Tutorials YT Channel

You can watch the YouTube video for detailed and complete tutorial.

Step 1: Create an Account

MELBET Registration

– Click Register or Login Button above. Then, hit the register button. Enter your Email address and confirm it on your inbox. Don’t forget to remember your username and password, you will see it after registration.

– After registration, you can now deposit using GCash and claim your welcome bonus. Follow the steps below.

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Step 2: Deposit using GCASH

Cash Express PH is GCASH

– Click your profile and click Make Deposit.

Select Cash Express PH on Bank Transfer section. (You can also use any available deposit method)


Enter the Amount and your GCash number as shown in the photo above.

Note: You will send the MONEY on the G-CASH NUMBER above the CONFIRM button.

Upload the Payment Screenshot and enter the Reference Number. Finally, click CONFIRM.

Note: It usually takes 1-2 minutes before it reflects on your account. Please be patient. Minimum Cash-in/Deposit on MELBET is 100 pesos.

Step 3: Withdraw using GCASH

Withdraw using GCASH

Click your profile and click Withdraw Funds.

Select CASH EXPRESS PH at the Bank Transfer section. Follow the steps below.

Withdraw using GCASH: MELBET

– Just simply type the amount you will withdraw. The minimum is 300 pesos.

Enter your GCASH mobile number. You must use verified GCASH account. Then, click CONFIRM.

Note: It usually takes 30 minutes before you received the money. Please be patient. If you have questions kindly message the live support of MELBET on the lower right side bottom.

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Step 4: Finish!

MELBET Online Casino

Now you’re done! It is easy to use GCASH for deposit and withdraw on MELBET Online Casino. You just need a MELBET account and GCASH account.

If you want to be a MELBET Player just click the button “MELBET Player” and register. If you want to be an AFFILIATE or AGENT of MELBET Online Casino, just click the button “MELBET Affiliate”. Thank you.

You can also download the MELBET mobile application! It is compatible on both iOS and Android devices. Click the PHOTO BELOW to DOWNLOAD.

Compatible on iOS and Android phone

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