How to Bet on DOTA 2 | Step by Step Tutorial

Bet on DOTA 2 with a minimum deposit of 500 PESOS only! First you need to create a PNXBET account (click here).

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Step 1: Create PNXBET Account

Click the PNXBET Register Button below or just watch the YouTube video below for your guide.

Step 2: Verify your PNXBET Account

You need to verify your PNXBET account in order for you to withdraw your funds. You must be 18 years old and above. You need any ONE valid I.D (Tin I.D , Driver license, Passport, Bank Statement).

Please follow the proper format like the photo below. If you not follow the proper format, your documents will be rejected. You can also check the Verify Tutorial button below.

PNXBET VERIFY: Please follow the proper format.

Step 3: Deposit on your PNXBET account

Go to your profile and click Deposit. There are a lot of ways in order for your to deposit. You can use Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as well as USDT. As of now, you can also transfer via Philippines Bank Transfer. But if you don’t have that options, please follow the steps below.

PNXBET Deposit using Voucher Code

– Go to , register and buy voucher codes. You can pay using GCASH, PAYMAYA, BANK ACCOUNTS, or any payment method. Just select a seller and buy voucher codes.

– The seller will give you the voucher code and you need to paste it on your PNXBET ACCOUNT Deposit Section -> Voucher code then click submit.

– After verifying your account and depositing, you can now BET on DOTA 2.

Step 4: Bet on DOTA 2

Just click the “ESPORTS” then click the Dota 2.

PNXBET E-sports Betting

Just select your winning team and select the Odds ( W1 or W2). For Example on Evil Geniuses vs OG, you select OG which has 1.75 odds. If you bet 500 Php on OG and the OG won the game, you have now a total of money 875 PESOS (500 x 1.75 = 875).

Step 5: How to Withdraw your Winnings?

Just go to Withdraw section, you can choose Coins.PH, Binance, Bitcoin, OKEX, Paxful etc.

PNXBET Withdraw

You can also check the full withdraw tutorial below by clicking the Withdraw Tutorial.

For more questions kindly message our live chat.


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