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Here is the tutorial on how to verify your PNXBET account, easy and fast way. We assumed that you already have a PNXBET account, if you don’t have just click here to register.
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Step 1: Login on your PNXBET Account


Login on your PNXBET Account by clicking the button ‘Login. Then, click edit profile and go to the documents.

If you don’t have an account yet, feel free to register by clicking the ‘Register’ button and fill up the needed details.

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Step 2: Go to Documents


Upload the identification documents. You need a clean paper and your I.D. On the clean paper, you need to write the date today, the word “PNXBET and your signature. Then do a selfie as shown in the photo above.


  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Bank Slip
  • Identity Document
  • Postal I.D
  • National I.D
  • PRC I.D
  • Voters I.D
  • Senior Citizen I.D
  • PhilHealth I.D

Note: If you are a minor, you can’t verify your account. School I.D is not accepted. Please refer on the valid I.D’s listed above.

Once you already have a selfie with your I.D and the paper, you need to upload it by clicking the ‘Choose File‘ and submit it.

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Step 3: Wait for Verification


You need to wait within 5 to 30 mins because the PNXBET staff is still reviewing your verification request. Rest assured your account will get verified once you submitted the correct details. You will see the ‘Verified’ status once it is done. And you will see the ‘Rejected’ status once your documents is not clear and expired.

So, make sure you submit the correct documents that is not expired and clear.

What is the purpose of verifying my account on PNXBET?

  • You need to verify your account on PNXBET in order for you to withdraw your money on your account. Also, in order for them to know whether you’re a minor or not.

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