Here is the step-by-step tutorial on how to become a PNXBET AFFILIATES and earn 30% to 40% commission. NO CAPITAL NEEDED.
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YouTube Video Tutorial:



PNXBET AFFILIATES in an earning platform related to online casino. You will bring players and you will get 30% to 40% Commission. You don’t need a capital to start. It is a FREE PLATFORM. In PNXBET Affiliate, you have your own referral link. This is the link that you will share on the potential players. Once they signed up on your link, you can earn commissions.

How it Works?

For example you have a player named PLAYER 1. Once your player starts to bet and play on PNXBET Online Live Casino and he lost, you will get 30% of their lost. Here is the thing, if Players 1 bet 100,000 Php on Slot Machine, then he lost, you will get the 30% of 100K Php, which is 30,000 Php. Very simple.

What if my Player won the game? Okay, for example, PLAYER 1 won the game Slot Machine, he won around 100,000 Php. Now, your commission is negative 30% which is -30,000 Php.. opps wait! You don’t need to pay PNXBET. Again, YOU WILL NOT PAY ANYTHING even though your commission is NEGATIVE. Ok? Once your commission is still negative at the end of the month, it will turn into zero for the following month, it means there is no negative carry over.

What about the 40% commission? You will get the 40% commission once you have 100+ active players in a month.

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When to withdraw my earnings?

Every 1st week of the month you can withdraw your commissions. The mode of payment is bitcoin, any bitcoin platform. You can use, Binance, Okex, Paxful, etc.


Yes! 100% Legit! Please watch the video above. It’s about the proof of withdrawal and earnings. Again, YOU DON’T NEED TO PAY FOR ANYTHING.


Please read and follow the step-by-step tutorial below.

Step 1: Register as an Affiliate


Click the “Register” button above. Then fill up the necessary details. Enter your Name, Email, Password and Currency (PHP if you are from the Philippines) then check the box and read the terms and condition.

For your password, it must have special character, lower and uppercase letter and numbers. Please use a valid email address for registration.

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Step 2: Go to your Email

Registration Complete

Once you click submit, you will see a message like on the photo above. You need to go to your email and click the link sent by PNXBET Affiliates. Then, login.

Step 3: Wait for Verification

Your account is under verification

Once you login into your account, you will see a message like on the photo above. It means, your account is under the verification of the PNXBET Affiliates staff. Please wait within 24 hrs. You will receive an email confirmation once your account is fully verified.

Step 4: Account is verified


Here is your dashboard once your account was approved. On the Green box, it is the New Registered and All Players. On the Red box, it is your commission yesterday. The Blue Box, is your current month commission. And lastly, the Black box is the statistics of your players: Deposit, Withdraw, Bets, Wins, Gross Revenue, etc.

You can adjust the date at the right side to check the commissions for the other days.

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Step 5: Invite Players to Earn More Commissions

Tools -> Link Creator

Here is your Referral URL and the Sub users URL, it can be found in the tools – Link Creator.

The Referral URL is for the players and the Sub users URL is for the sub-affiliates. You can earn 10% commission on your sub-affiliates. But, in order for you to have a Sub users URL, you need to reach first the 50K Php commission in a month. It is okay if you don’t have a sub-users URL as of now.

Share your Referral URL to your potential players. They need to sign up on your link so that you can earn from them. Again the commission is 30% to 40%. You will achieve the 40% commission once you have 100+ active players in a month. More players, more earnings!

Note: Your income may vary depending on your players and their lost/win. This is a passive income. You don’t need to pay for anything, just look and find players then share your referral link.

Where my players will deposit and withdraw? They can deposit and withdraw through their account. (Click here).

Step 6: Withdraw your AFFILIATES Earnings


You can watch the YouTube video above to withdraw on PNXBET Affiliates. Again, you can withdraw every 1st week of the month. The mode of payment is bitcoin, any bitcoin platform like Coins.Ph, Binance, Okex, Paxful etc.

Happy Earnings to all PNXBET AFFILIATES!